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In any game with the right strategy, there will almost always be a moment when you win. Everyone can set a bar for themselves - the time of leaving

But it should be remembered that if you invested $100 in the game, then you are unlikely to be able to "raise" 5000 from them. Although there are exceptions to any rule ...

Classical, "correct", the player is satisfied with a 100% result. I exchanged 200 dollars

and found chips for 400 in front of me - get up and leave. Changed 5000 and doubled

- run home!!!

But if, according to Mazist, you want to unwind “from the dust of the road”, then there is a high probability that a situation will arise when you “came with nothing and left light.”

Arkady once told me a story about one of his first trips to the casino. As expected, he took a friend with him, so that he would take him away at the right time. In fact, he needed a friend on this campaign to be in front of

who to show off.



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